LA -> Slo -> Fresno -> Oakland -> SF


Slo, CaGuy tripping on acid while trying to play the guitar.

Slo, CaExploring the past with Joe, a podcast episode about Slo and its Chinatown.

Fresno, CaRyan, a member of Take Pictures, walks around a truck stop.

Fresno, CaA man with a hairy happy face on his chest, sits at the bar of a small time venue called the Info Cafe.

San Francisco, CaA man pissed at me photographing him.

Oakland, CaA doctor dressed in old entire, talks to young people on the street.

Fresno, CaOmar, a ex- Philippines cop tells us about his experience being shot at on his third day on the job. Omar was forced to kill a man that was firing at him. After police showed up and questioned Omar, he was asked if he would like to join the FPD.


Nancy & Berto

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Was just honored being featured in ViewFind Magazine, a popular photojournalism publication. 

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