It all started with the construction of Camp Dunlap in 1942. The Department of Defence (DOD), created a combat training camp for the United States Marine Crops (USMC). After the dismantling of Camp Dunlap, The DOD granted; The State of California the quitclaim deed for the land, that would not have any restrictions for use.

Slab City is currently in a fight to protect their way of life. The locals call it "The Last Free Place," and it is a place that no one but the Slabers want. Three divisions of the community (East Jesus, Salvation Mountain Community, and Slab City Community Group Inc), with their obligations, the battle for the ownership of the land. Since a considerable interest in the area, the value of the property has risen.

"We do not know what will happen to Slab City, there are rumors that some people from an art community want to build a Burning Man community (a festival that is held 826 miles away in the Black Rock Desert.), there are other rumors that some want to start charging rent." Said Two Town Mike, a resident and local Slab Salon owner in East Jesus. There is an ongoing dispute that is unclear at the moment.

As I continue my project, I am looking to understand what has happened to this place that is claimed to be a free place and what will lie ahead as this battle increases.

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