Christopher Rusanowsky b.1990 is a self-taught photographer based out of Southern California. Chris specializes in documenting social conflict, politics and culture with images and multimedia. His direction in his work is creating conveying visual that can tell a story of a person, place or situation. Chris works day and night to further his career and work.

Since 2010, Chris has worked with some Los Angeles based companies like; White Memorial Medical, creating images to showcase new projects the medical facility provides to the community. He has also worked with Travis Barker`s clothing line; Famous Stars & Straps, creating visuals for Famous`s campaigns.

In 2012, Chris made a conscious decision to embark in the world of documentary photography. He traveled twice to Manila, the Philippines to create a photo essay about poverty. His Photo Essay got published in The Filipino Times, Dodho Magazine and National Geographic Daily Dozen. Later in his career, Christopher spent two years documenting workers in the oil industry based in North Dakota. His Project was picked up by Intersection Journal as an exclusive story.

Chris Rusanowsky is now working as a freelancer and continuing is editorial documentary projects. 

He is based in Los Angeles, CA but is available for assignments in the United States. You can reach Chris by email or directly via phone +1 (562)453-5796. 

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