You can construct whatever story you want to. Documentaries are constructions, as is all journalism.
— Tim Hetherington

Christopher Rusanowsky b.1990 is an American photojournalist that focuses his cameras on human condition and cultures around the world. Chris’s career began as a portrait photographer in Southern California. His experience as a photographer has taken him to the slums of the Philippines to the cold plains of North Dakota. He has photographed the opioid epidemic in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and the worst fire season in California.

Chris’s approach as a photographer is to build relationships with the communities and people he photographs. Chris has gone to the extremes to move and live in the areas he photographs. His work is personal and compelling; the drive he gets to do this craft is to bring light to people and communities he photographs.

Christopher is now living in Northern Texas, where he is a father to his first child. He is taking assignments in the United States while working as a freelance wedding photographer.


2018| Ron Haviv, Storytelling and Photojournalism
2018 | Elaine McMillion Sheldon, Documentary Film Making
2017 | Andrew Whelan, Freelancing and Business
2017 | Creative, Live Final Cut Pro
2016 | NCS, Trauma Response and First Aid
2012 | Jake Raza, People and Environments
2010 | Tri-Community College, Studio Lighting, Photoshop, Printing 2010 | National Press Photography Association, Journalism Ethics


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